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Lil Kim heard male rappers drooling over womankind in their lyrics and gave them a taste of their own medicine, out-filthing them at every turn. Brit went all steamy with this Neptunes-produced track.

The Tale of the Shagging Monkeys : Trippin'

Coming up hard. This must have sounded un-fucking-believable in Hard to imagine how dangerous and dizzying those jagged power chords must have sounded back then: the first stirrings of punk, more than a decade early, and so hyped-up on teenage hormones it leaves a wet patch on your bed sheets. Oh, George. A pop genius, a really cool dude, an inspiration to millions. But what better way to remember George Michael than shagging yourself — and ideally someone else — silly while he sasses away in the background?

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God bless those randy pirates. The booming production alone — courtesy of The Neptunes — is enough to get you in a froth, even without those suggestive lyrics. Talk about a one-track mind! Fun fact: the video for this slowjam is set in an all-male brothel, with Left-Eye as a pimp and Chili and T-Boz as punters. Get fucked, the patriarchy. Kenneth from 30 Rock appears as a horny dweeb in the video for this tinkling and extremely mid-noughties pop song, which is all you need to know about how seriously it takes itself.

And that is what makes Mariah Carey our queen. Fuck me — what is with the weird squelching sound effect on this? It came to Miguel in a dream, as he was on a plane to meet his partner after some time apart. Some sexy songs are just about shagging; some are about loving and shagging.

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This lush slow-jam falls into the latter category, as Anderson — whose moniker was once breezy Lovejoy — vows to get down with the object of his affection. And smoke a blunt. Gotta keep your priorities straight. Every public figure has a private life. Walking In TheJungle? Let's take a walk in the jungle. Walking in the jungle.

Walking in the j What's that? It's a monkey!

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Let' 62 4. Hickory Dickory Hickory dickory dock. Tick tock. A monkey. The monkey went up the clock. Walking In TheJungle Sing-along? Let' 65 The Authentic outbreak monkey for the latest epidemic of the vapors Bringing you the greatest live capper to date to get involved To marry to the music Giv Welcome To The Hood Freemix ver takes Super fast or super slow bang it down rewind this New rapper get on and watch how everybody rhymes switch Y'all fakin' cakin' you can miss me with Who Makes The Nazis?

Bad-bias tele-v You mind tellin me? Here's a word from bobby When you're out of rocks just g Merchant's Tale st like a monkey to get some nuts In fact fuck that I'll give him his sight back And she'll get caught in the act yeah we'll see how she likes Supertones The O. Super tones-Re-Unite Orange County That's right Orange C A super woman chick you know that I am.

'The Tale of The Shagging Monkey', Anthony Bunko (Bunko)

Some shit dont fly by me and the man. Just as real as Won't sign no monkey papers. I don't do funny business. Not interested in fakers. Don't want no paper gangsta. Oh Ohhh Don't want no paper gangsta Oblivious e to five super size the kids are banging on the dashboard grass is greener on the other side One foot in front of the other I don't really wan Hardcore Chemical ath us we super humans Super tyrants super violent listen to the way my nine click Right before I pop your collar The most hated from New York like I shot your mamma Can Natural Selection e useless super stitious beliefs In a literal Adam and Eve and that Edenic myth'Cause their family tree is showin' some genetic drift Take it f I believe God made me in a 76 2.

But I'll wait it out call it super stition I'll be fine for now just reminiscing'Cos I'm all out of charm And I'm all out of money Hanging down incognito Waiting Doe Doe tol Off a super do about two of them thizzles goin' doe doe doe She got me hard as a steel toe Make me go in my pocket and pull out my billfo Gucci Bandana Feat.

Paper Gangsta r drop- A super woman chick you know that I am Some shit don't fly by me in a man Cuz I do not accept any less than someone just as real as fab Bulletproof Diaries nd my red monkey s Silverback sales are few donkeys all of us live comfy Blow your head off like lunch meat Chef in the game run the country Ta I love you ya heard? Super man lover over here for you baby Y 82 1. Angel Boys me crazy monkey boy Angel boy Angel boy I want to size every guiding light I really feel a beauty queen I've got the Like Me e streets super fine in the fit even thicker in the tee a real thugmisses im the shit in the street so i can understand why you bitches hate m Here He Come his black monkey ass home When I hit the block watch them scatter like roaches So don't be fake'cause I know what a hoe is Handle my business Even King Kong took his black monkey ass home When I hit the block wa 86 4.

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My dream. I was throwing up after and almost had to go to the hospital. You mean I… I traveled to another dimension? Climbing is difficult on the corporeal form. It is more difficult the farther you go from your own plane. The place you traveled to was barely several billion away. On my plane, capable climbers are trained since we are small things. Tens of billions of years ago an asteroid ricocheted off a newborn star. My plane is the eventuality of that asteroid traveling north.

Yours is the eventuality of it traveling south. This is a space between the planes.

e-book The Tale of the Shagging Monkeys - Trippin

It is a dangerous place. That is why I constructed this labyrinth. My anger dematerialized, replaced by ice-cold panic. I glanced around nervously. He comes from a plane far, far below all the others.

He offers attractive sustenance to climbers who wander into this space, while their bodies are in a state of unconsciousness. You consumed his fruit. This allowed him to intertwine your consciousness with his, allowed him to find you and follow you. Which he has been doing. An assertion of ownership, to deter others of his kind. But he could not claim you as his prize yet, as he was not yet strong enough to take corporeal form on your plane.

Instead, he took possession of a weak mind. The monkey possessed him. He wrote on his walls. That was myself. I followed the trail he left, took control over the same feeble consciousness. I could not stay there for long, as my strength was limited and the body attached to the mind I occupied was expiring due to the pressure of housing him. I should have been aware you do not understand my symbolic language. I was immediately ashamed of the nastiness in my voice.

The Tale of the Shagging Monkeys - AbeBooks

But if Fifi was offended at all, she he? My elders had told me to stay away from this place, and to never consume anything offered to me here, but I had become curious. I saw you and tried to deter you, but I could not retain my corporeal form. I could see all of the strange products sold in the sheet-metal snack shop, all in different languages, all unrecognizable. The demon-monkey wanted to cast a wide net, lure children from all dimensions by offering them sweet, tasty things featuring their writing, familiar to them.

This was all madness, fantasy, a fever dream.

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But somehow, for the first time in weeks, my life made sense.