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Intuitively, I always had a feeling that real substantive learning was happening as the pillows and blankets piled up. Observing my own kids at home and watching Museum guests play and interact in this exhibit has confirmed my theory that fort-building leads to real learning and development. My girls are 1 and 3, so they each play and learn differently. Toddlers start with parallel play — playing near each other — and move on to collaborative play as they gain confidence.

A Kid's Guide to Building Forts

Little sis is mastering her motor skills while learning how to build, and big sis is developing patience, empathy and collaboration skills while learning how to articulate her thoughts and ideas. Fort-building is a platform for exploration, construction and creative planning. With no parameters to guide them, kids must experiment with the best techniques and anticipate what supplies they need.

They have to figure out for themselves where creative ideas meet structural integrity. Kids gain confidence through experimentation, problem-solving — and yes, failure — as they define their own success.

Playing in the Forts exhibit at the Museum builds empathy, understanding and inclusion as kids from different backgrounds, genders, races and abilities play together. Fort-building invites collaboration, negotiation and compromise. Teaching kids to consider perspectives outside their own is crucial for their social and emotional wellness. I have three boys.

Building Outdoor Forts for Kids - PDX Parent

I really need to make one of these!! Or two, or three ; Jaimee craft-interrupted. This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a while!

So where was this fabulous idea when my grandkids were young?? Thanks SO much for sharing? Great idea!

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So cute! Wishing you blessings.

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This is such a great idea. I loved building forts when I was little and my son is just getting old enough to help out. I would love it if you would stop by and share at the link party going on right now at Lines Across My Face. I have a fun any linky goes party that I would love for you to join too! This week linkers could even win a pair of silver earrings just by linking. Hope you will come. A great idea until you give your 8 year old a rope and he ties it around his neck pretending to be a dog : Maybe my kid is not so smart.

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Your email address will not be published. Comments I love, love, love this. This is a very cute idea — have a 5 year olds birthday coming up — might be perfect. How cute!

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Thanks so much for sharing!